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Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP - Disassembly Instructions


To Disassemble

    The arm must not be cocked when about to be taken apart. Remove magazine. (Be sure to look and see that no cartridge remains in the chamber.) Grasp the pistol in left hand as illustrated, and draw back slide until within 1/16 of an inch from end of receiver. With right hand give barrel one-quarter turn to right. The slide may then be drawn forward and barrel can be removed from slide by giving it one-quarter turn to the left and permitting it to drop out rearward. (When slide is removed, care should be taken that the Slide Lock Safety is not pushed upward as this will release the Slide Lock Plunger and Spring causing them to fly out and become lost. [NOTE: this is only true on models made after 1916. Before 1916, a small leaf-type spring along the cam of the Slide Lock Safety was used to provide tension.]) The firing pin, main spring and guide are readily removed from slide, as are also the retractor spring and guide from receiver.

To Disassemble Frame

Remove the magazine.
Remove the slide assembly.
Remove the stocks. 
Drift out the grip safety pin and remove the grip safety from the receiver.
Remove the sear spring. (Note that the short leaf of the sear spring faces the rear of the pistol.)
Remove the magazine catch.
Turn the slide lock safety to the up position and withdraw it from the receiver. (If it's a later model, watch for the slide lock safety plunger and spring as they 
may shoot across the room)
Remove the slidelock safety plunger and spring from their hole beneath the thumb safety.
Drift out the sear and grip safety pin and remove the sear through the bottom of the receiver behind the magazine well.
(Normally, there is no need to withdraw the sear stop pin)
The trigger may be withdrawn by drifting out its retaining pin.
Withdraw the connector from its grooves in the receiver.

Reassemble in reverse order taking care that the sear, connector, sear spring, and sear stop pin are in the proper relationship.

To Assemble

    Put together firing pin, main spring and guides and replace them in slide, letting the square shoulder on firing pin engage in the elongated groove of slide. Replace retractor spring and guide, placing guide in socket of receiver. Insert barrel in slide, giving it one-quarter turn to the right, thus engaging threads on barrel with those in slide. Place slide on receiver, moving rearward from the front, making sure that retractor spring fits into the socket provided for it in the front of the slide. When the face of the slide is about 1/16 of an inch from forward end of receiver, give barrel one-quarter turn to the left and the slide will come into its proper position. With the insertion of the magazine the assembly is complete.


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