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Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless .25 ACP


General Characteristics General Specifications & description from a 1920's Colt Catalog.
American Competition Phoenix Manufacturing Company, Lowell, Mass
British Proof marks Five British Proof marked examples
Cutaway Factory cutaway example
Display Cutaway Factory cutaway serial number 86222 (ca. 1914)
Display Cutaway Factory cutaway serial number 86402 (ca. 1914)
Cutaway Astra .22 factory cutaway pre-production prototype model for the Colt Junior
Double Casing Period double casing
Factory Engraving Seven factory engraved examples
Inscription Three factory inscribed examples
Special Finishes  
Two factory engraved gold plated pistols & one factory gold plated non-engraved pistol
Factory nickel plated example with original box and factory master engraved nickel plated example
Three factory engraved silver plated pistols
Factory engraved gold inlaid with relief carved monogrammed mother-of-pearl grips
Grip Types - Standard Four standard grip types for the Model N
Grip Types - Deluxe Factory deluxe checkered walnut grips, Type I, II & III factory ivory grips, carved steer head mother-of-pearl grips and carved steer head ivory grips
Magazines Magazine Variations
Tansley Device Magazine safety disconnector
Police Marked Variation Factory engraved police inscription
Pre/Post-War Variations Post-WWII examples assembled from pre-war parts
Presentation Cases Deluxe factory presentation cases for the Model N
Purse Holsters Two period coin purse holsters for the Model N
Relic Found along a neighborhood path where an old farm once existed.
Standard Blued Variations   Nine standard blued Model N variations
Unique Serial Numbers Serial number 1, Serial number 2, Serial number 25 and Serial number 400000

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