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For comprehensive information on the Woodsman be sure to visit Colt22.com

The earliest known blueprint for a Colt Automatic Pistol in .22 caliber

Several years ago, I bought a large collecting of original Colt blueprints that came from the John Hintlian collection and this was among them.  It is the earliest known blueprint of an Automatic Colt Pistol in .22 caliber.  The legend at the bottom of the drawing contains the following information:

Colt's Armory Nov. 18, 1905


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Coltautos.com offered exclusively through its Premium Classifieds section one of the finest collections of Colt Woodsman automatic pistols, accessories and related items to be made available to the collecting fraternity in recent years.  This collection, with few exceptions, contained virtually all of the variations of the Woodsman model over the three series.  Several of the variations are unique and next to impossible to find in this condition.  Many have their original boxes and accessories.  The seller was a collector of quality and went to great lengths to describe the features and condition of each piece in painstaking detail.  Thanks for looking.


Dear Customers & Friends,

My Colt Woodsman collection sale on the internet at Coltautos.com went verrrrrry well; I sold 48 of my guns and one belonging to a friend and another friend sold my last one yesterday at a big gun show in Des Moines, IA and I just wanted to thank all of you for helping make that possible! I met a lot of real nice folks during this endeavor and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The webwizard that runs that site is leaving everything up without prices and email addresses for future educational use by the Woodsman collecting fraternity -- we had a lot of nice complements about it. This turned out to be an outstanding venue to sell one's collection and I remain eternally grateful to Sam Lisker for all his guidance and assistance. Sam is writing a book about the Colt Vest Pocket Model (Model N) and it promises to be a good one and I invite you to check back with him to pick up a copy when it becomes available. He won Best of Show with his collection at last years Colt Show!

I want to thank those of you who were responsible for teaching me all that you did about my best yet adult hobby! It has been a lot of fun (and a lot of work) and I miss having my collection greatly! The Woodsman is a great pistol and it was a lot of fun collecting them!

I no longer qualify as a Woodsman Collector and shall add the term 'Emeritus' for any future use. I do still have my best shooting 3rd Series 6" Match Target (and the marksmanship medal I won with it!) plus some 1911 types to qualify as a Colt Collector.

Thank YOU and enjoy your Woodsmans and Colts!