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Colt Model 1905 Military .45 ACP - Photos & Information


General Characteristics  
Model 1905 Known Examples Chart of surviving Colt 1905 pistols.
Model 1905 Advertisements Four period Advertisements for the Colt Model 1905.
Model 1905 Serial Number 246 Early Example Cut for Combination Shoulder Stock/Holster
Model 1905 Cut for Combination Stock/Holster Known Examples of Colt Model 1905 pistols cut for leather combination stock/holster 
Combination Stock/Holster with Box Model 1905 leather combination stock/holster with original shipping box.
Model 1905 Deluxe Checkered Walnut Grips Model 1905 cut for factory combination leather stock/holster.  Gun is fitted with a set of deluxe checkered walnut grips.  Slide appears to be from a Model 1907 Military Contract pistol.
Model 1905 Serial Number 512 Early Inscribed British Proofed Model 1905
Model 1905 Serial Number 2883 Example Cut for Combination Shoulder Stock/Holster with original Stock/Holster
Model 1905 Serial Number 3211 Example Cut for Combination Shoulder Stock/Holster
Model 1905 Serial Number 3382 Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid Model 1905
Model 1905 Serial Number 4607 Historical Late Model 1905 Factory Inscribed on Top of Slide
Model 1905 Serial Number 4966 African Safari gun
Model 1905 Serial Number 5240 Factory Engraved with Gold Inlaid Mother of Pearl Grips
Model 1905 Serial Number 5448 Late model with spur hammer
Model 1905 Serial Number 5473 Historical Late Model 1905 Inscribed on Backstrap with Original Holster
Model 1905 Serial Number 5706 Late model with spur hammer and mother of pearl stocks
Model 1905 Serial Number 5929 Late British Proofed Model 1905
Original Shipping Invoices Two original shipping invoices for Colt Model 1905 Military Model pistols.
Late Factory Box Original box for the Model 1905

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